Connected Investors Provide People With Potential Buyer

Essentially in Connected Investors Reviews are people who can do any single task you ask of them that can be done on a computer with an internet connection. Someone sending an offer to the MLS or putting an ad on Craigslist does NOT need to be in my office, nor do I need to see them to know they are doing their work. We have her use our company email to send out the offers and we can monitor her progress by simply looking in the sent folder to see what she is doing so very minimal supervision.

The Connected Investors Reviews platform provides buyers with the power to quickly contact motivated sellers. Buyers registered with a Connected Investors account receive 20,000 monthly skip traces; sellers’ email addresses; and an ability to message sellers. All of those capabilities are available in Connected Investors’ full-featured demo. Funding is also available for construction loans, bridge loans, refinancing and more. The Connected Investor website offers free funding resources in addition to its private lender portal.

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