Honey as Acne Medication

Research has proven that honey for oily skin visit us has many health benefits. One of its well-known benefits is that it helps prevent acne breakouts. This is because honey contains various substances that have the ability to heal wounds quickly so that they can treat acne naturally.

Honey has antibacterial and antiseptic properties thanks to the hydrogen peroxide content in it. Honey also has anti-inflammatory effects to reduce redness in pimples and the ability to lessen scars.

It doesn’t stop there, honey actually also has the ability to speed up the recovery of blood vessels that often occur when injured, helps accelerate the growth of damaged skin layers, increases collagen which is very good for helping skin repair, and prevents scars and keloids.

Although relatively safe for the skin, it is not impossible that honey masks are not suitable to be applied to your skin. In rare cases, honey masks can cause irritation symptoms, such as redness, itching, and acne. If honey masks make your facial skin condition worse, stop using them immediately. If necessary, consult your problem with a dermatologist.