Understanding of Thermal Paper Roll

The Thermal Paper Roll Singapore is a paper used in facsimile machines. Usually, thermal paper roll paper for facsimile machines is only 1 sheet. There are several types of thermal paper rolls such as receipt paper, facsimile paper, and so on.

Based on the origin of the word, this paper does work based on the heat / thermal applied to the paper material. Then how can this paper cause letters and characters to be printed on it? In printing documents via a fax machine, special paper is used, namely heat-sensitive thermal paper. Thermal Paper is paper filled with chemicals that will change color when heated. The surface of the thermal paper is coated with a dense mixture of dyes with suitable ingredients, such as fluorite leuco dye and octadecyl phosphonic acids. The thermal paper contains a high concentration of Bisphenol A, which is an endocrine breakdown agent.

As a precaution, in the business world, fax machine thermal paper cannot be recognized as clear evidence in the statute unless it has been copied first. This is because the ink used on the fax paper is easy to bleed, especially if it is stored for a long time. In addition, the paper is easily curled and images or writing are prone to fading if exposed to sunlight.

And in the use of this thermal paper using a printer with a thermal roll printer type. Thermal printers are very different and different from normal inkjet printers or even laser printers. Just as the name suggests, thermal printers use heat to print on paper, not the ink cartridges commonly used by other types of printers. With this technology, it makes the thermal printer quiet (in fact, some types do not make a sound).

This printer can also print very fast because it does not use pins as in dot matrix printers. This printer has a higher price over the dot matrix, but it is precisely the advantage it has that causes thermal printers to be widely used. Some of the uses for a thermal printer are:

– Print receipts at gas stations
– Queuing machine
– ATM machine
– Information kiosk
– Point of sales system such as cashier

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